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About the Aviary

Since 2006 I have been breeding and raising baby parrots. For the last 10 years, I have focused all my attention on White-bellied and Black-headed caiques. Come along and join my adventure.

About Laurie

Hi, I'm Laurie and birds are my passion. I indulge my passion in many ways including aviculture, parrot keeping, birding and wildlife photography. Every day my life is filled with the joys and challenges of sharing my world with more than a dozen caiques. I try my best to do right by them and to help others to learn the best ways to care for their caiques long term.

Every year we raise baby caiques (squee!).


About Our Flock

Our fabulous flock includes both White Bellied and Black Headed caiques. All of our birds are tame. Most of them came to us as babies but we recently added a couple of rehomed pets to our flock. Our birds keep us busy and very entertained.

Come with me and I'll introduce you to them.

About Our Babies

Baby caiques require round the clock care and attention. My work with them helps them to grown up to the point that they can move on to a loving pet home like yours. I try to get them off to the very best start possible.

Come with me and I'll tell you more about my methods.

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