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Meet the Parents

and The Next Generation

Two White bellied caiques sitting on top of a parrot cage.

Peaches & Turbo

White-bellied Caiques

Turbo and Peaches are White-bellied Caiques. Turbo showed his talents for learning tricks and escaping his cage early on and Peaches instantly won our affection with her gentle personality and calm attitude.

Ember & Quackers

White-bellied Caiques

Mr Quackers and Ember are also White-bellied Caiques. Quacky (as we like to call him) can be a little shy but he soon warms up to you if you offer him his favorite treats. Ember is an all around good girl who has definite opinions about what she wants and doesn't want.

Two white bellied caique parrots eating cashews in a kitchen.
Two Black Headed Caiques eating chop

Rainey & Bandit

Black-headed Caiques

Bandit and Rainey hold a special place in my heart because they are a beautiful gift from my parents.


Bandit is super smart and loves to learn tricks, he loves to hope and he adores a good spray bath.


Rainey is a little bit of a loner, she loves people watching, is eager to learn new things and loves hopping across the top of cabinets in the kitchen.

Lily & Sprocket

Bea & Chompers

White-bellied Caiques

Chompers, Bea, Lily and Sprocket are all second generation birds from our original breeding pairs. I raised them here from chicks and they have become a wonderful addition to our family and flock.

We look forward to seeing what they decide to do in the future and finding out what our 3rd generation babies will be like.

Thunder and Storm.jpg

Thunder & Storm

Black-headed Caiques

Thunder is a rehome caique and we are his 4th or 5th home. He may have had a rocky start but by the time he arrived here he was a super good little dude. At least we think he is, he is very friendly as long as you don't annoy him. He does have a very nesty attitude and apparently is interested in finding a mate.

Storm is also a rehome. We hope one day Thunder and Storm will hit it off and decide to team up. Only time will tell. We look forward to seeing how it all works out. Either way we love them both and they are here to stay.

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