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Well, Hello There!

Thanks for stopping by. Take a look around and get to know more about me and my caiques.

My Story

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us!
My husband and I raise caique parrots. Some might call us hobby breeders, but that's not the whole story. It's a passion, not just a pastime!
Investing time, energy and resources come with keeping caiques. Especially baby caiques! Being passionate makes it worth all that effort.

Our little flock of White-bellied and Black-headed caiques gets all the best care and comforts. We make sure we can personally attend to all their needs. With just the two of us, that means keeping our flock small.

We have only 3 pairs of breeding caiques. We also have 8 additional birds that we hope will become the next generation of breeders. All of our caiques are tame and socialized as pets. Most of our birds either hatched here or were obtained as babies shortly after weaning. We selected them to be pets first. We are so happy that so many of them decided to give us babies too!

Special care has been taken in selecting our White-bellied and Black-headed caiques. They are healthy, unrelated pairs and have desirable pet personalities. We have watched them grow up, mature and change. They have wrapped their wings around our hearts and have come to be loved and cherished members of our family.


That's me in the pictures; those are my birdie buddies, pride and joy, and the closest thing I have to babies. I'm pretty much all birds all the time (just ask my friends or look at my Facebook)!

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