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Bird Proofing Your House

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Both Black-headed and White-bellied caiques are very curious. They want to be where the action is. They also have the gift of flight. If you are not prepared, this can lead to lots of trouble. All this and more makes it vitally important to provide safe spaces in the home that your caique can enjoy.

Just like when new parents bring home a baby for the first time, you will want to take some time to prepare your home for the arrival of your new caique.

Perhaps some rooms will be off limits to your caique. If not, then you'll want to ensure that those rooms are a safe space for them to be in.

Collision Hazards: Windows, Doors, Mirrors and Fans

  • Take some time before your new caique comes home to set some house rules about how you will make sure that your caique does not escape through an opening door or and open window. Make sure everyone in the house knows the rules.

  • Use caution when introducing your parrot to your home and cover windows or make sure that your parrot knows where the windows are and does not fly into them.

  • Birds may not recognize mirrors or glass as solid objects and may think it is just more of the room. Use caution with flighted birds (especially at first) when they are in a new space.

  • Turn OFF all ceiling fans when birds are out. They can be killed or injured if they come in contact with a moving fan.

  • Make sure that all portable fans are safe and that your caique can not access the blade area.

Deadly Toxic Fumes: Nonstick Cookware and PTFE/PTFO

Other Airborne Toxins

Undesirable Edibles: Unsafe People Foods

Poisonous Plants: In and Around the Home

Other Toxic Household Items

Air Fresheners and Fragrances

Other Pets



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